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ROI Design is now PIÑA HOME LLC!

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ROI Design is now Piña Home LLC!

Piña Home LLC is Boston's only design firm focused on family-centered, inclusive spaces. We create thoughtful, organized interiors that center the unique needs of your household, so every member of the family feels at home.

Rebranding as Piña Home connects my work with my heritage and my authentic self, and honors a textile tradition native to the Philippines. Piña cloth is an intricately-embroidered sheer fabric woven from pineapple leaf fibers, an art and craft developed by indigenous Filipinos after Spanish colonizers brought pineapple plants to the archipelago. Learn more about the pinã tradition here. 

I started my business in 2012 to help families with young children bring order and beauty into their homes. As my own family grows and changes, I see how creating intentional spaces throughout the whole home inspires everyone's learning, comfort, and overall wellness. 

By taking time to understand your family’s lifestyle, needs, and challenges, I will help you create a home that makes your life together better.


Cheryl was a wonderful partner for us as we figured out what we wanted from our open plan “blank slate” as we moved into our first home. Cheryl took the time to chat with us and brainstorm options, ultimately coming up with a layout that hadn’t even occurred to me — immediately I could see it was by far the best use of our small multi-functional living/dining room. Knowing that Cheryl was very focused on family-friendly design was extremely reassuring to me and paid dividends through many tiny thoughtful touches that have improved our enjoyment of our space. Now that we are in lockdown, I am even more thankful that we took the time with Cheryl to make our space exactly what we wanted and nee...

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